• You can list an NFT for sale without any fees
  • Sell it to a willing buyer in no time
  • Access to our partners and the NFT community
  • Partake in the projects introduced by us
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    Artists who are interested in working with us can send the file of their works along with their wallet address, so that their works can be displayed under their name in NFT list projects, as Opensea and Charonverse Marketplace.

    Showing these works is free in first stage, and after it is sold, a percentage of the revenue will be deposited into the token pool and divided among the holders, and the rest will be transferred to the wallet address of creator of the work.

    • Phase 1
    • Phase 2
    • Phase 3

    Name : Charonverse

    Symbol : Charon

    Decimal :18

    Total Supply : 1,000,000,000

    Tax : 12% Buy/Sell

    (3% Developer,2% Marketing,5%Hourly lottory,2%liquidity)

    How lottery Work?

    One Winner per hour maximum
    Every BUY of a minimum token (100,000 Charon) will roll a number, 1-10
    The first one to roll 10 will be the winner.
    The winner will receive a % of the wallet, default at 1%.
    We will try to keep the minimum tokens to buy at roughly $10 value. So if price goes up 10x, we will reduce minimum tokens to 10k, as an example.

    About Us

    The Charonverse project is formed to help artists and facilitate selling works with the name of author, with cooperation of young professionals in the fields of programming, website design, graphics and social networks. We hope to be able to develop the Charonverse team with the aim of serving the artist community more and faster, in future.

    Charonverse is made by artists for artists.


    Mohammad Riyahi

    Owner & Web Devloper

    Negar Mehrparvar


    Milad Moeini

    Social Media

    Soheil Athari

    Head of International Affairs